Safety Tips When Travelling Solo Overseas

Travelling solo has now become a trend, not only for young travellers, but also to mature ones who are in the midst of soul-searching. Today, people enjoy the independence of making their own travel decisions, as it makes them feel empowered and liberated seeing the world alone. A research in 2015 revealed that more than 80% fancy independent solo travel. In fact, over 70% said they are looking at looking at travelling internationally than locally.

Although travelling alone seems easy, it requires more than the usual preparation to guarantee one’s safety. In this post, we will feature must-know safety tips for travellers going on a solo trip abroad.

  1. Secure your luggage

When going abroad, the most important you need to secure is your luggage. Crimes related to robbery and theft are still apparent anywhere you go. Merely locking your luggages’ zippers is not enough to guarantee its safety from perpetrators. There are TSA-approved padlocks that ensure your luggage are secure from tampering even at the airport where security personnel often leave it unlocked. Bagpack should also have a lock and a wire mesh protector for added layer of protection. Staying alert at all times give you an advantage to protect your bags wherever you go.

  1. Check with your GP

Getting your physician’s approval to travel is the safest way to ensure you are physically fit, especially if you will be embarking on an adventurous activities in your desired destination, Although you do not feel sick, you need to get a full checkup and a clear green signal from your doctor that you are good to travel. Depending on your destination, your GP may request you to get pre-cautionary vaccinations for Cholera, Meningitis, Malaria, Dengue Fever and more. According to a full guide on travel diseases and vaccinations, it’s important to book an appointment ahead of time with your doctor to prepare your body, where six weeks to two months before your scheduled flight is suggested.

  1. Learn to blend in

Wherever you plan to visit, you must learn how to adopt customs and traditions to avoid any problems with the locals. There are common American customs that are offensive in other countries, and it’s important to avoid them if you do not want to be in any problems. Invest time to read plenty of resources about your desired destination to further understand the things you need to avoid and do. This will also give you an idea of the items you can only carry and leave back home, such as what clothes you can wear. Learning how to blend with the locals can also save you from common crimes. Looking like a real tourist is like inviting perpetrators to rob you. It will further give you an authentic travel experience if you are able to blend in with the locals.

  1. Write down emergency contacts

Before heading to your desired destination, write down on a piece of a paper all emergency contacts and place them in an area where you can easily access them. Write down contact details of one of your relatives, travel agent, embassy, airline, hotel/accommodation, travel insurance provider and more. Along with this list, consider creating speed dials on your smartphone in case of emergency. If you can carry an old cellphone that has a keypad, this will be more ideal to take around than a high-end smartphone, as pressing speed dials on the former is easier than the latter.

  1. Drink responsively

Partying and having fun are always part of every traveller’s vacation plan. But, drinking too much is not ideal, especially if you will be travelling alone. To avoid causing any trouble and become a victim of malicious crimes abroad, drinking responsibly is necessary. Issues related to date rape drugs and drink spiking are apparent in many parts of the world, so it’s advisable to look after your drink at all times to ensure no one placed anything on it. Also, it helps to write down your information (name, hotel name and address) in a piece of paper to easily hand it to the bar manager so they can get you a safe ride back to your accommodation.

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